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"Crafted with love and integrity."

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Company Description

Dom’s Deodorant makes a line of natural, organic deodorants.

Dom’s Deodorant is dedicated to helping people find health and happiness by making it a little bit easier to make conscious choices about what we feed our minds, bodies, and skin. As members of 1% For the Planet, they donate a minimum of 1% of their profits to nonprofits dedicated to finding global solutions for our environmental challenges. Their ingredients are 100% plant-based, organic, vegan, GMO-free, and sustainably and ethically sourced — most of them are even edible! They don’t use beeswax (because the bees can use some help, too), and package their products in glass jars that are infinitely reusable or recyclable.

Dominica Sweet founded Dom’s in response to her diagnosis with Hodgkins Lymphoma — rather than looking at it as a set back, she took it as a challenge to make healthier choices for herself and her family. Our skin is our biggest organ, and so Sweet decided to start using skin care items that only used simple ingredients; but for deodorant, none of the natural products seemed to work. After experimenting on her own, she launched Dom’s in 2013 as a gentle but effective deodorant (not antiperspirant!) in a range of natural, unisex scents.

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Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada