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Driftaway Coffee Driftaway Coffee


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Company Description

Driftaway Cofee is a small-batch coffee roaster offering a personalized coffee subscription service based on personal taste preferences.

Through Driftaway’s Bean for Bean program, the company donates five cents to World Coffee Research (WCR) for every pound of coffee it roasts. WCR is a non-profit focused on supporting coffee farmers and their families, while enhancing the supply of quality coffee around the world. Driftaway is also dedicated to providing its customers with a transparent purchase process: the company packages each bag of coffee beans with the story of its producer, so that customers can send farmers feedback on their coffee via Driftaway’s website.

Avid coffee drinkers, husband-and-wife team Anu Menon and Suyog Mody knew they wanted to give back to the farmers growing their coffee when they decided to set up shop. The pair spoke with their farmers, who expressed a deep concern with issues like draught, pests and diseases – all factors keeping them up at night. It was with that knowledge that they established their Bean for Bean program.

Price Range

<$20 per pound


Anu Menon and Suyog Mody




Brooklyn, NY, United States