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Eco-Bags Products

“Cleaning up the planet, one bag at a time.”

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    From products to processes, these brands make a positive environmental or social impact.

Company Description

Eco-Bags Products is an online shop selling different brands of eco-friendly bags, including the company’s signature String Bags.

Eco-Bags Products wants to make reusable bags a part of everyday life, something they encourage by distributing to retailers worldwide and selling in their online store. In addition to helping the world reach zero waste, the company cares immensely about social responsibility. Their longtime manufacturing partners in India go beyond adhering to international labor laws by also providing healthcare and retirement plans to its workers.

Eco-Bags Products has long been ahead of the curve in the reusable market. When the brand first launched during the 1990 Earth Day celebration in New York City, they sold out in just four hours. Savvy Rest talked to founder and CEO Sharon Rowe in 2017 about starting Eco-Bags Products before the concept became a phenomenon. Rowe said, “Back then, 30 years ago, no one was talking about the cost of that garbage and waste. I just did a run on how many ECOBAGS® we’ve sold and it’s in the millions. It’s about changing the mindset of people and how you shop. You can procure things and bring them into your home without creating all that packaging and shopping bag waste.”

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