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Eden Foods

"Full transparency of source."

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Company Description

Eden Foods is a natural and organic food company.

Eden Foods is both the oldest and largest remaining independent manufacturer of natural and organic foods in North America. They’re dedicated to transparent sourcing and manufacturing practices, tracking the environmental impact of their foods from suppliers through to company operations down to social impact. They’ve been GMO-free since 1993 and have sold their beans in BPA-free cans since 1999. With a “local first” purchasing ethos, Eden Foods buys from farmers directly, and includes detailed information about their facilities and production network on their site. They also use recycled pallet wrap, 100% recycled paperboard boxes for their pasta, and biodegradable packaging materials for shipping.

Eden Foods was founded in the late 1960s by a group of friends motivated by macrobiotics and seasonal, local foods. As pioneers of the natural food movement, they take their work very seriously — all of their products exceed the USDA Organic standard, but they forgo using the seal because they feel it falls short of their own standards. Originally a Co-op, the business grew into the Eden brand of today, opening its first warehouse in 1972 and establishing relationships with traditional Japanese food makers. In 2009, Eden Foods was selected as the best food company in the world, and the third best company overall by The Better World Shopping Guide.

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