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Eileen Fisher

“Our vision is for an industry where human rights and sustainability are not the effect of a particular initiative but the cause of a business well run."

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Company Description

Eileen Fisher, Inc. is a women’s clothing and accessories brand focused on simple, classic silhouettes.

In 2015, Eileen Fisher announced its VISION2020, which outlines a roadmap of eight factors that will help the company become 100% sustainable by 2020. The company also incentivizes customers to return used Eileen Fisher apparel in return for a five-dollar gift certificate per item. The company then refurbishes or repurposes those items for re-sale. All proceeds from the so-called Eileen Fisher Renew sales fund the company’s two women- and girls-focused grant programs: one to support nonprofits focused on leadership development for women and girls, and the other to help women-owned, socially conscious and sustainable small businesses grow.

Since its founding, Eileen Fisher has been a recognized pioneer in social consciousness and sustainability. The company established its Social Consciousness department in 1997, long before many modern labor and environmental standards were developed. The company has also invested in bespoke research to help improve their operations all over the world. For example, Eileen Fisher launched its six-year Handloom Project in 2014 in response to research it commissioned on West Bengali artisan communities producing its popular hand-loomed scarves. The Project was designed to create supportive business relationships for these artisans without ongoing aid. Eileen Fisher states that their next step will be to engage government officials to drive awareness of these workers’ needs.

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