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Company Description

Elephas is a sustainable beauty brand specializing in shea butter products.

Their mission is to help save Africa’s elephants by incentivizing local communities — farming shea butter requires preserving forest land that’s crucial elephants and other big game, and provides an alternative source of income to poaching. As members of 1% For the Planet, Elephas donates a percentage of their profits to nonprofits dedicated to protecting animal habitats. Plus, for every soap purchased, they donate 1 kg of cereal to a local woman and 1 meal to a child in school. They buy their raw ingredients from small-scale producers, and work together with them to actively protect essential Shea tree zones. Elephas shares 50% of their profits with their farmers and growers, and all of the oils contained in their shea butter and shea butter soaps are Certified Organic, and contain no palm oil derivatives, chemicals, gluten, or plastic.

Elephas is especially committed to supporting women, providing them with the training and skills they need to reap the benefits of their work, protect their natural resources, and improve their ability to make a positive social impact. President and founder Olivier Behra is an innovative environmentalist who has been committed to on-the-ground work for over 30 years. Behra grew up in Cameroon — his childhood instilled in him a deep appreciation for and fascination with wildlife and the way local communities interact with it. His mission: to restore harmony between people and animals.

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