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Company Description

Embrace Innovations produces the Embrace Infant Warmer, an incubator for premature babies. Little Lotus, Embrace’s consumer-facing baby sleepwear brand, creates swaddles, sleeping bags, and blankets for babies up to 24 months of age.

Embrace Innovations is on a mission to save 1 million vulnerable babies around the world by helping them regulate their body temperatures. For each Little Lotus product purchased, the company donates proceeds to save a baby in the developing world with the Embrace Infant Warmer. Embrace specifically developed an accessible Infant Warmer for families and care facilities in developing markets, where hypothermia and related complications pose a common threat to newborns. The resulting product costs less than 1% of a traditional infant incubator, and does not require a continuous power supply. Little Lotus is made using Outlast® technology first developed for NASA spacesuits, drawing away excess heat when babies get too warm, and releasing it when they start to cool down. The company claims Little Lotus products help babies sleep almost an hour longer per night than competitive products.

Little Lotus was developed specifically to help deliver more Embrace Incubators to populations in need. Embrace Incubators have garnered significant recognition for design and innovation, including the Economist Innovation Award and Fast Company’s Design Award, plus an invitation to present the technology to former President Barack Obama at the White House. In 2014, a contribution from Beyoncé helped Embrace Innovations distribute the Infant Warmer to nine countries across sub-Saharan Africa. To date, the company says it has helped more than 300,000 babies in 22 countries.

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