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Enjoy Life Foods

"Free-From Living."

Enjoy Life Foods Enjoy Life Foods


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Company Description

Enjoy Life Foods produces all-natural, allergen-free snacks, baked goods, and baking ingredients.

Founded on a mission to be the top allergy-free snack food company, all Enjoy Life Foods products are free from gluten and the 14 most common food allergens. The company’s foods are also produced in its custom-built, allergy-friendly facility, and tested for luten, casein, peanut and soy protein. Enjoy Life also requires that its ingredients suppliers complete non-contamination certificates for every item that it purchases from them.

What started as a business school project at the Kellogg School of Management ultimately became the first company to receive independent gluten-free certification from GFCO, in 2005. From there, Enjoy Life Foods grew true to its mission: in 2013, it was the first gluten-free company to receive non-GMO status for 100% of its products, and 2016, it opened North America’s largest allergy-friendly bakery. Enjoy Life is now considered a pioneer in allergen-free food, receiving accolades and regular recommendations from outlets as wide-raning as BuzzFeed, PopSugar, Women’s Running Magazine, Gluten-Free Living, and PETA’s magazine.

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Chicago, IL, United States