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"Plastic-free beauty in a clever little bar."

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Company Description

Ethique makes a line of unique beauty bars for your hair, face, and body along with products for your pets and laundry.

Ethique — which is French for “ethical” — is on a mission to eradicate the world of plastic waste. They’ve created an alternative to the 80 billion plastic shampoo, conditioner, face, and body wash bottles thrown out globally each year, and to date, their innovative bars have prevented over 500,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. Ethique donates 2% of their revenues or 20% of their profits (whichever is higher) to charities, and has ongoing partnerships with various organizations devoted to protecting animals. Their beauty bars are climate neutral, cruelty-free, vegan, plastic-free, sustainable, and palm oil-free, and they come packaged in water soluble paper and compostable boxes.

Founder Brianne West is a qualified scientist with a background in cosmetic chemistry who started Ethique — along with two other companies — in pursuit of protecting our planet. Ethique is also the only company in the world devoted solely to producing solid beauty bars over more traditional liquid options. Brianna is a big believer in the non-environmental benefits of solid bars: they’re highly concentrated, last for ages (up to five times as long as one bottle of liquid product), and don’t contain any preservatives.

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