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Explore Cuisine

"A smarter way to pasta."

Explore Cuisine Explore Cuisine


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Company Description

Explore Cuisine produces organic, plant-based pasta noodles from beans, rice, lentils and peas.

Operating under the slogan “a better way to pasta,” the company aims to provide a high-protein, plant-based (and therefore vegan and gluten-free) alternative to traditional pasta. With a dedication to ensuring its employees in factories and fields alike remain healthy and empowered, Explore Cuisine also donates 2% of proceeds to its Food to Thrive Foundation, which provides farming education and training to employees. Current programs include a college education scholarship fund for factory workers in China, and an organic farming education series for its employees in Thailand, where certified organic farming is on the rise.

Referred to as “the spaghetti that started it all,” Explore Cuisine is recognized as a pioneer in pasta alternatives, an answer to those who crave healthier carb-rich meals. As consumers continue to move toward plant-based alternatives such as cauliflower rice and zoodles, Explore Cuisine’s reviews as a good-tasting, protein-rich option continue to pour in from New York Magazine, Women’s Health, and the Iron Man kitchen, among many others.

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