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"The modular phone that's built to last."

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Company Description

Fairphone says they make the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone.

Transparency and traceability are key to the work Fairphone does, and the company goes into depth about each of the elements of its phone, from re-examining the materials typically used in mobile phones to working conditions, supply chains, and more. Fairphone shares its business model to help provide context for the cost of the phone. They explain why they’ve designed it to be modular and repairable — to dissuade a “disposable” mentality. Furthermore, rather than outsourcing labor to China, the business is working to create a network of labor rights experts, NGOs, and production partners to go beyond traditional compliance.

The company is heavily invested in reducing waste and developing a circular economy; users can send back their old phones to be recycled and reused, and the brand works with local partners to collect electronic waste. The Fairphone team is committed to empowering shoppers to help close the gap between people and product, and create a positive impact from the beginning to end of a phone’s life cycle. In the company’s words, you shouldn’t have to choose between a great phone and a fair supply chain.

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"The modular phone that's built to last."




Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands