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Faucet Face Bottles

“We want to bring back tap water's dignity.”

Faucet Face


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Company Description

Faucet Face is an environmentally-minded water bottle company making reinforced glass and stainless steel bottles while promoting consumer awareness.

Faucet Face is a tap water advocate (its collections have catchy names like ‘Tap is Terrific’) seeking to revitalize its reputation against bottled water and associated waste. In addition to reducing waste, Faucet Face brings clean water to villages in India by contributing 2.5% of all sales from bottle collections to clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA). Every five bottles sold leads to one complete water filter donated to a rural family in India.

Faucet Face was praised by Clean Living in their Gear and Gadgets column: “Bring tap water to your table in fine fashion with Faucet Face’s line of glass water bottles.”

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