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Fireclay Tile

"Brick for good."

fireclaytile.com Certified B-Corporation


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Company Description

Fireclay Tile makes artisan tiles and bricks.

Fireclay Tile is dedicated to “making things the right way”, which to them includes protecting the environment and looking after their employees. All Fireclay Tile products are made in their facility in Aromas, California where they use 7000 pounds of recycled material per day. The company buys carbon offsets through carbonfund.org to cover all of their business and shipping impact. The company is committed to donating 1% of sales and equity — 1% of every brick purchase goes to the National Parks Conservation Association. Every employee of Fireclay Tile is granted equity so they can share in the company’s success. In addition to a living wage, insurance, and 401k’s, Fireclay Tile has issued over $140,000 in no-interest loans to their workers.

Founder Paul Burns got his start in the tile trade at age 10, when he began apprenticing for his uncle. Fireclay Tile approaches its work with reverence to the earth and to long-lasting craftsmanship. They are proud to be the first tile company certified as a Benefit Corporation.

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San Francisco, CA, USA