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Found My Animal

“For adopted animals and their people.”

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Company Description

Found My Animal makes nautically inspired three-strand, hand-spliced, whipped rope leashes, collars, and accessories in Brooklyn, NY.

Founded by two animal lovers, the company works to raise awareness for rescue animals by sparking conversation with their recognizable leashes. Each leash is individually numbered, reminding customers of the uniqueness of their animal, and help the company track how many animals it has helped to date. Found My Animal donates to animal welfare and rescue efforts around the United States, such as Canine Cancer Walk, Barc Shelter Brooklyn, CARE For Animals, and ASPCA. Funds also support fuel and maintenance for trucks bringing rescue animals out of “kill shelters” and into safety.

The company started when the founders met while walking their dogs- both rescue Chihuahuas, both named Walter. “We call it, ‘When Walter met Walter’,” co-founder Bethany Obrecht told Refinery29. An experienced dog owner and foster mom, Obrecht knows that the key to a good leash is, “Good design, durability, and beauty.”

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Brooklyn, NY, United States