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Girlfriend Collective

“We believe the best fashion is not about trends – it’s about quality.”

Girlfriend Collective’s leggings and bras are made from recycled PET plastic.


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Company Description

Girlfriend Collective produces ethically manufactured leggings, sports bras, and tops in solid colors for women of all body shapes.

Girlfriend Collective strives to be completely transparent about each step of their process, from where they source the post-consumer water bottles that go into their biodegradable leggings, to the health insurance policies provided to their factory workers. “We want to create a community of people who care about every step of the process,” say the founders.

In 2016, before the full line launched, Girlfriend Collective’s eco-friendly leggings went viral when the company gave away a pair to anyone who asked. Why? “It’s kind of scary to purchase a $100 pair of leggings from a brand you’ve never heard of. We wanted people to trust us.” And just like that, the internet fell in love with Girlfriend Collective.

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Quang Dinh and Ellie Dinh




Seattle, WA, United States