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"Fight global malnutrition with peanut butter."

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Company Description

Good Spread sells peanut butter and a variety of peanut butter spreads.

For every product sold, the company works with its partners to provide a malnourished child with a treatment of MANA. MANA is a peanut butter-based medical product used to treat Severe Acute Malnutrition, a disease that kills nearly 2.6 million children under 5 every year. Their consumer products use organic peanuts from Fitzgerald, Georgia, Fair Trade chocolate, and sustainably sourced palm oil from family-run farms in Ecuador.

Good Spread’s founders are strongly committed to increasing awareness (and distribution) of MANA. They created the company as a better way to help after their Winnebago broke down in the middle of a national tour speaking about malnutrition.

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Alex Cox and Mark Slagle




Nashville, TN, United States