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"Eating real food should be more accessible, because when we dine well we live well."

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Company Description

Greensbury Market is a delivery service providing high-quality, organic, grass-fed beef; organic, non-GMO, free-range poultry; and wild-caught and sustainable seafood.

Greensbury Market, which states it is a driver of the contemporary grass-fed movement, is passionate about sourcing and delivering solely organic meats to its customers. All of its seafood is rated “best choice” or “good alternative” by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program, the leading authority on seafood quality and impact on the world’s oceans. Greensbury Market is also dedicated to ensuring it is as transparent as possible with its customers, clearly outlining the source of each of its products, in addition to educating its customer base on environmental impact of various meat production processes, via its website. In an effort to minimize materials and food waste, the company flash-freezes and cryovacs all products immediately upon arrival from its source farms and fisheries, extending their products’ shelf lives, and locking in nutrients for customers.

Greensbury Market founder Todd Horowitz was first inspired to advocate for grass-fed beef after trying it side-by-side with grain-fed beef. From there, he began traveling the country, seeking out like-minded farmers and rangers, ultimately partnering with Rastelli Food Groups, the country’s largest supplier of organic grass-fed beef. Greensbury Market is one of the only companies of its kind offering an all-organic line-up of meats. It has been recognized as a leader in its sector, appearing in Williams-Sonoma, Food52, Eat This Not That, Gear Patrol, Vogue, and SELF. Greensbury Market ships to the 48 contiguous states, and its products have a freezer shelf life of approximately 12 months.

Price Range

Most <$70; Sampler packs <$200


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New York, NY, United States