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"Colouring the world and the future of our kids a little greener."

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Company Description

Greentom designs a line of strollers and accessories, from bags to rain covers.

Their mission is to create a greener future for our children by creating sustainable products using items that otherwise would have gone to waste. They’re very transparent about their materials — from recycled plastic and bioplastic (plastics made from renewable biomass resources) to a fabric made by Repreve and Unify from 100% post-consumer water bottles. Greentom’s design process is conscious from start to finish: they focused on optimizing the stroller parts and creating a functional, modular design that can be adjusted as your child grows. Fewer strollers means less waste!

Designer Bart Bost introduced the first Greentom stroller in 2014; now, they sell worldwide. Their strollers are incredibly lightweight, and have a UPF rating of 50+ — they’ve been honored with various prestigious international design and innovation awards.

Price Range

$99 -799


Bart Bost




Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands