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"Nourish the microbiome of your scalp."

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Company Description

Hairprint formulates and sells a line of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and elixirs.

The Hairprint mission is to restore the health of our hair and authentic beauty with science-based products. Within that, their products have been developed around Hairprint’s beliefs, first and foremost that beauty should be safe. To that end, they include a complete list of their plant-based ingredients. They also note everything that’s not in their products — no ammonia, parabens, GMOs, synthetic fragrances or colors, sulfates, silicones, and more, all in pursuit of protecting people and planet from harmful pollutants. Second, Hairprint believes that the most beautiful thing of all is an education, which is why 20% of their profits go to their nonprofit partner to help put girls in the developing world through school.

As a company, Hairprint says they’re devoted to total transparency and honesty; no gimmicks. Part of the brand’s philosophy revolves around rejecting the notion that women are never beautiful enough, thin enough, or good enough, and instead appreciating each person’s unique and natural beauty. To do that, co-founder Dr. John Warner has worked to discover a non-toxic method to restore gray hair to its original color by mimicking the natural processes of hair follicles, and infusing strands with their own pigment.

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Dr. John Warner and Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken




Sausalito, CA, United States