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Heavenly Organics

"Peace Collectors."



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Company Description

Heavenly Organics creates a line of raw honey, cane sugar, and sweets.

Heavenly Organics creates their items with an eye towards sustainability. By using non-invasive, smoke-free harvesting methods, they’re able to protect wild bee populations — the final product is 100% USDA organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and certified Glyphosate Reside Free. Their website is rich with information about their harvesting methods, and the ways in which they strive to preserve India’s natural resources and biodiversity.

The true mission of Heavenly Organics is to provide steady employment to people living in areas of conflict — in this case, the Punjab region of Northern India and parts of Central India. The goal is to provide stability, unify communities, and create peace through prosperity — as with their products, Heavenly Organics is quick to provide transparency on how they believe their business model can accomplish that goal.

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Amit Hooda




Longmont, CO, United States