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"From 'Me' to 'We.'"

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Company Description

Help2Heal sells adhesive bandages for children and adults.

The company follows a buy one, give one model, donating an adhesive bandage to resource-limited communities for each one sold. The company partners with Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief Equipment) to distribute donated bandages in medical kits designed specifically to support medical providers in treating vulnerable patients.

Help2Heal was founded by nine-year-old Mason Israel and his entrepreneur parents after he learned about issues children in developing or resource-limited areas may face without access to something as simple as an adhesive bandage. Ultimately, the company hopes it can help parents and caregivers teach children that they can help others while helping themselves each time they use a bandage.

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Mason Israel, Rob Israel, and Renee Israel




Boulder, CO, United States