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"The world's first 100% transparent company."

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Company Description

Honest By designs luxury apparel and accessories for women and men.

Billing itself as “the world’s first 100% transparent company,” the company provides complete materials, design, manufacturing, and cost information of every item it sells, in addition to providing information and policies on the certifications it has earned. The company sources all of its materials and designs with an eye toward environmental sustainability and the health of customers’ skin environmentally friendly as possible. Honest By does not distribute leather goods, or clothes that are made or trimmed with fur, shell or horn. The company offers some vegan clothing options as well. 

Former Hugo Boss art director Bruno Pieters founded Honest By after witnessing first-hand the lack of transparency on who made heritage brand clothing, how, and where. He has stated in media interviews that he wanted to more closely align the luxury prices customers were paying for major brand names with the level of quality they held and the good they are doing for people and planet. The company is likewise positioned – and priced – as a luxury brand.

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Antwerp, Belgium