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“We were born to help others!”

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Company Description

Hösėg is an outerwear company based in Peru that specializes in jackets and base layers for the coldest of climates.

The company’s buy one, give one model has two routes: for every jacket purchased, Hösėg gives a jacket to a child in the Andes; for each other item purchased, the company plants an Andean Cedar tree. Jackets donated to Andean children are made to withstand the weather they are exposed to, and the coral color on the design is inspired by natural ancestral Peruvian dyeing techniques. Hösėg makes their jackets in Peru using as many domestic raw materials as possible, emphasizing responsibility and sustainability throughout production.

Hösėg was founded after three Peruvian brothers traveled to the Andes, and experienced first-hand the harsh, cold conditions there. Now, with the brothers still at the helm, Hösėg is a thriving and collaborative social entrepreneurship.

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Juan Carlos Sznák, Patrick Sznák, and Ian Sznák




Lima, Peru