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"On a mission to end food waste and hunger."

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Company Description

Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery company that rescues “ugly produce” and redistributes it to selected markets.

Hungry Harvest aims to eliminate food waste and hunger. For each box of produce the company delivers, it subsidizes or donates produce to someone in need through its “Produce in a SNAP” reduced-cost produce program, a food bank, a non-profit, or another donation partner. It also uses recycled packaging and provides customers with information on how to best dispose of all materials.

Hungry Harvest is known for bringing national attention the concept of “ugly produce”—fruits and vegetables that would normally be discarded for appearance issues or logistical reasons. As interest in this type of food has grown, Hungry Harvest has been recognized by Forbes, The James Beard Foundation, American Heart Association, Whole30, in addition to being featured in Anthony Bourdain’s documentary, “WASTED!”. The company was featured on Shark Tank in July of 2015, where Robert Herjavec invested $100,000 for a 10% stake in the company. The company attracted 700 sign-ups for delivery in the 60 hours following its appearance on the show.

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Evan Lutz and John Zamora




Baltimore, MD, United States