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Company Description

iluut designs and sells a line of sustainable women’s apparel.

The iluut vision is to create quality modern garments made with high ethical standards. In pursuit of that, the company is focused on providing as much transparency into the production process as it can, on their website and over social media. For each piece, iluut includes the material and its origin (and why it was chosen), where the fabric was made, dyed, and woven, and which factories pieces are finished and labeled in. The company donates 5% of the margin of each product sold to Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools in developing countries. Plus, to minimize waste fabric cuttings are sent to Carpet for Life, a group that partners with Berber women to turn scraps into beautiful carpets.

Co-founder Elina Cerell always dreamed of making a positive change — until the day she decided to make that dream a reality. First step: create a YouTube video looking for like minded business partners. Elina quickly met print designer Silvia Stella Osella and Fashion designer Vj Taganahanand, and iluut was born. The name “iluut” comes from the Finnish word “tuuli,” which means “wind,” and is meant to symbolize a shift in the fashion industry. The business believes transparency can help decrease fashion’s biggest ethical problems: child labor, unsecured working conditions, dangerous chemicals, and industrial pollution.

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Elina Cerell, Silvia Stella Osella, and Vj Taganahan




Helsinki, Finland