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"Sustainable and ethical fashion for over 20 years."

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Company Description

Indigenous produces a line of organic women’s and men’s fashion and accessories.

Their mission, in their words, is to be ethical, transparent, and sustainable. In pursuit of that, their clothing is made using natural, organic, and fair trade materials. Furthermore, by providing artisans with jobs and training, and working with fair trade partners or supporting local cooperatives, Indigenous is striving to provide a path out of poverty for South American communities. All of their efforts are detailed on their site in total transparency, from what goes into their clothing to the impact report they share — for example, each year their production saves 45,600 pounds of water and keeps 13 million gallons of pesticide off the land.

The founders of Indigenous were inspired by a trip to Peru, which showed them a new way to look at fashion — the goal was to keep the heart of ancient Peruvian textile traditions, but express them in a modern way. Their commitment to being a leader in ethical fashion extends from start to finish, from the field to artisan to designer to customer.

Price Range

$70 - 550


Scott Leonard, Joe Flood & Matt Reynolds




Sebastapol, CA, United States