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indosole shoes made from upcycled tires indosole shoes made from upcycled tires


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Company Description

Indosole makes lightweight shoes and sandals from upcycled tires and a selection of natural materials, such as banana leaves and grass.

Indosole is on a mission to become the world’s most responsible footwear company. With a goal to save 1 million tires from landfills, the company repurposes old tires as the soles for their footwear. Indosole’s team sources waste tires from garages and tire brokers in Indonesia – before they reach landfills or are burned as cheap fuel. The company also recently launched a full line of flip-flops – the ESSNTLS collection – made using its proprietary Sole Engineered Tire Technology (SETT®) production process. According to Indosole, SETT eliminates the small amount of rubber waste by-product in prior manufacturing processes.

Indosole founder Kyle Parsons traveled through Bali in 2004, where he purchased a pair of sandals with soles made from motorbike tires. Intrigued, he soon learned that about 1.5 billion tires end up in landfills each year, or are burned as cheap fuel. Intercepting that process in Indonesia would reduce disease-carrying mosquito populations there, bring new life to a material that does not decompose, and reduce environmentally harmful oil and fume production. Parson’s business plan ultimately aimed to help combat the pollution problem pervading Indonesia. Parsons continues to evolve his company to make an even bigger impact through innovations like SETT®, while educating anyone and everyone on the global trash crisis – his TEDx presentation is a good example.

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