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"Making a butter world."

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Company Description

Justin’s produces nut butters and candies.

As a founding member and co-creator of the Whole Planet Foundation’s Microloan-a-Month Fund, they fund at least twelve micro-loans a year to entrepreneurs in the developing world. In 2017, the Justin’s team volunteered 367 hours and donated 195,078 units of product. They use local and organic ingredients wherever possible. Their cocoa is Rainforest Alliance certified, and they use only RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. They also partner with pollinator preservation organizations and local hunger-relief non-profit Conscious Alliance.

Founder Justin Gold grew up in his parents’ small natural foods store, where he learned to appreciate natural and alternative foods. The Justin’s brand was born from the labels he had to put on his experimental nut butter creations to deter hungry roommates. He began selling his butters at the Boulder Farmers’ Market as a one-man operation, and the business has grown from there.

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Boulder, CO, United States