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"We are not just making eyewear. We are proposing a different way of looking at the world."

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Company Description

Karün designs eyewear collections inspired by nature, using discarded manmade products as their raw materials.

The company’s products take advantage of the surplus waste local to their production centers in South America, such as recycled fish nets from the Chilean coast and wood from fallen Patagonian trees. Karün is committed to knowing their supply chain and employing local Chilean craftsmen in their production as much as possible. The company has partnered with Baloon Latam, a social venture that promotes micro-territorial development in Latin America, and provides income opportunities for local entrepreneurs to invest back into their own businesses.

Karün cares deeply about limiting their impact on the environment and proving that disrupting industry standards is possible. As company founder Thomas Kimber states in the Karün blog: “In Karün, we have decided to contribute through the fashion industry, using eyeglasses as a symbol of change of perspective, necessary to rethink the way we see business, the way we live our lives and how we want to build a society in harmony with nature and ourselves.” The company will bring that work to a growing group of products: according to its website, Karün will launch a clothing collection in 2018, using 75% recycled jeans, and 25% bio-resin.

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