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Kicking Horse Coffee

"Wake up and kick ass."

Kicking Horse Coffee Kicking Horse Coffee


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Company Description

Kicking Horse Coffee roasts and sells shade-grown Arabica whole bean and ground coffee.

The company’s mission is simple: make kick ass coffee. Kicking Horse Coffee is committed to uncompromising quality along their whole supply spectrum — in other words, coffee that’s good for drinkers and farmers both. Their coffee is 100% Certified Organic and Fair Trade, and is free of pesticides and herbicides; the farms they work with are tested by certified independent auditors randomly and without warning to ensure their standards are being met. They’re also big believers in social responsibility: Kicking Horse Coffee sells their product at a discount rate to schools and nonprofits so that they can in turn sell it and keep the profits to help fundraise. Furthermore, they support organizations like The Nature Conservancy of Canada to conserve the Rocky Mountains, The Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival to celebrate the spirit and culture of their region, Living Lakes Network Canada, a network of NGOs facilitating projects to protect freshwater resources, and others.

Kicking Horse Coffee has been roasting beans in Canada’s Rocky Mountains for over 20 years. Part of the brand’s dedication to providing the best possible product plays out in the resources they provide on particular aromas, tasting notes, and brewing methods (https://www.kickinghorsecoffee.com/en/coffee/how-to-brew). Pursuit of excellence is also why they refuse to offer single-serve packaging options until they find something that meets their standards for composting, recycling, and sustainability. As Canada’s #1 selling whole bean coffee, Kicking Horse’s philosophy can be summed up in one question: how will you wake up and kick ass?

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Invermere, BC, Canada