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Kutoa Health Co.

"Buy a bar. Feed a child."

Kutoa Snack Bars are made from fruits, nuts and seeds. Kutoa Snack Bars are made from fruits, nuts and seeds.


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Company Description

Kutoa Health Co. produces snack bars made from whole fruits, nuts, and seeds.

For every bar purchased, Kutoa Health Co. feeds a child in need through the distribution of micronutrient packs, micronutrient “Plumpy’in” packs, Kutoa bars and squares, and healthy sandwiches. Between efforts in developing countries and the United states, Kutoa has provided almost 200,000 meals since 2011.

After a seven-month stay in South Asia, Kutoa Health Co. founder Joey Grassia decided to change his college major to international development. He developed the idea for Kutoa, which is Swahili for “to give,” in 2011 in response to the abject poverty he had witnessed during his travels, and a nutrition-related personal health crisis he suffered in the years that followed. Grassia has said that the latter experience highlighted for him the importance of nutrition, and an opportunity to help children in need around the world.

Price Range

Box of 12 bars <$25


Joey Grassia




Austin, TX, United States