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Lightlife Foods

“Meat without the Middleman.™”

Lightlife Foods Lightlife Foods


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Company Description

Lightlife Foods produce vegetarian and vegan foods, including frozen goods, pastas, snacks, and ready-made meals.

Founded on a mission to make quality vegetarian and vegan foods readily accessible, Lightlife is committed to supporting the health of its customers and the planet. With that in mind, since its founding, the company has given five percent of its profits to partner organizations selected for their efforts to do the same. As of June 2018, the company’s non-profit partners were the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon, the proceeds from which benefit the surrounding community, and Wholesome Wave, which works to increase the affordability and access to fresh, locally grown foods for underserved communities in urban and rural areas.

As a pioneer in the ready-made vegetarian and vegan convenience foods category, Lightlife Foods has led the way on related trends. It pledged to be non-GMO in 1999, eight years before the Non-GMO Project was founded. The company is now owned by Maple Leaf foods.

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Turner Falls, MA, United States