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“Tampons and pads by women, for women.”



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Company Description

LOLA is an organic feminine products startup that believes in complete transparency and educating women about making safe decisions for their health.

While many women may never have wondered what’s in their tampons, LOLA’s founders did and were deeply dissatisfied by the lack of information available. Their menstruation products are always made without pesticides, synthetic fibers, or toxins, and their tampons are made entirely out of organic cotton. LOLA has partnered with three charity organizations to provide menstrual supplies to homeless shelters across the United States, donating over 100,000 feminine care products since 2015.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, co-founders Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman described their company goals “By making periods part of our everyday conversation, we can open the door for the education to remove the stigma for future generations.”

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