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“Excess made useful.”

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Company Description

Looptworks is a Portland-based business that creates limited-edition collections of bags, apparel and accessories all made from discarded and upcycled materials.

With an end-goal of zero waste, the company stands by all their products with a “Loopt4Life” lifetime warranty. They rescue their high-quality materials from a variety of sources, such as obsolete jerseys from the Portland Trail Blazers and leather airplane seat covers. All of their factories adhere to fair labor practices, and their reducing and reusing efforts have conserved an estimated 21 million gallons of water since their start in 2009.

Through their strategic partnerships with suppliers and durable crafting techniques, founders Scott Hamlin and Gary Peck truly hope to make a difference in rampant textile waste. In a 2016 interview with USA Today, Hamlin described some of the issues they face: “Creating items from textile waste is an incredibly complicated process and often requires reversing the typical logistics and product manufacturing process.”

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Scott Hamlin and Gary Peck




Portland, OR, United States