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Mission Meats

"Meat snacks that give back."

Mission Meats beef snack sticks and jerky Mission Meats beef snack sticks and jerky


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    Companies that donate funds or products to benefit important causes and people in need.

Company Description

Mission Meats produces grass-fed, non-GMO beef snacks, including “snack sticks” and beef jerky.

The company donates 10% of its profits to what it terms “social good organizations,” non-profit partners focused on helping people and the planet alike. Mission partners to date have focused on everything from fighting deforestation in Haiti to working with homeless mothers and their children, to empowering leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa.

With backgrounds in entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture, Mission Meats’ founders teamed up to create healthy snacks after searching for products they were comfortable feeding their families. They developed their first products in 2015, and in 2017, announced three new Mission partners: Educate!, Dream Center, and Perspectives, Inc. The company is getting noticed by those in the know on healthy eating: USA LoveList included the company in its selections of the best Whole30- and Paleo-friendly jerky options in early 2018.

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Peter Awad and Nick McCann




Decorah, IA, United States