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    From products to processes, these brands make a positive environmental or social impact.

Company Description

MPOWERD produces lightweight, waterproof solar lights for home and recreational use.

Founded on a mission to create affordable, renewable clean energy products, MPOWERD works in 90 countries to help provide reliable access to electricity to the estimated three billion people who still live without it. MPOWERD uses the volume of sales in developed markets to support the sale of its lights at affordable (lower) prices in markets that otherwise have limited access to non-toxic power. In doing so, the company aims support everything from education to public safety and continued economic growth in these communities. MPOWERD’s customer-driven Give Luci program provides a buy one, give one option for customers who want their purchases to go a little farther.

MPOWERD has grown rapidly since its founding in 2012, gaining notice at major conferences, including the Consumer Electoronics Show (CES). Growth appears to be a top priority for the company: in 2016, MPOWERD hired a consumer and luxury goods veteran to become its CEO, and in late 2017, private equity firm The Builders Fund acquired a “significant stake” in the company to facilitate MPOWERD’s further growth and humanitarian impact.

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John Salzinger, Charles Andrews, Steven Gundersen, Jacques-Philippe Piverger, Jason Snyder, and Jill Van den Brule




New York, NY, United States