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MUD Jeans

“What if we all clean up our own mess?”

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Company Description

An award-winning early advocate of the circular economy, MUD Jeans uses upcycled jeans to make and lease or sell fashionable denim products.

MUD Jeans is driven by a heightened awareness of the waste in the textile industry. The company is known for its innovative “lease a jean” program, in which customers pay just under $9 per month to rent a pair of jeans from them (and either return them at the end of use, or pay the balance of their value to keep them). Customers can also purchase upcycled and/or recycled “vintage” jeans named after their former owner. The company has developed sustainable processes throughout its production and sales process – including the use of “trash-free packaging” to deliver orders to customers, as well as the use of ozone and lasers to treat denim fabrics (instead of hand-brushing and chemicals), a process the company hopes to extend to all of its products soon.

MUD’s founder and CEO Bert van Son moved to China at age 23 to work in the textile industry. Firsthand experiences with the industry’s impact on the environment and workers led to the creation of his circular model, and he continues to be an advocate for sustainable business practices.

Price Range

Purchase: $35-$170. Lease: $9/mo.


Bert van Son




Almere, Netherlands