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Musee Bath

"Changing the world one bath at a time."



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Company Description

Musee Bath makes handcrafted bath products.

Deeply invested in their hometown community of Madison County, MS, the company works to fight poverty by hiring local women in recovery, individuals with disabilities, and people without access to educational opportunities. Furthermore, they reinvest a portion of their profits into community-focused programs, such as The Kelly School — which helps provide supplies and meals for schoolchildren in Haiti — and Crossroads Ministries, a refuge for women leaving prison, treatment centers, or abusive environments.

Founder Leisha Pickering’s mission with Musee was to shed a little light in a dark world. A believer in the idea of social entrepreneurship, she leveraged her creative talents to make a difference on a grassroots level. Musee creates whimsically packaged, handmade, natural balms, soaps, soaks, candles, and more.

Price Range

< $25


Leisha Pickering & Adam Pierce




Madison, MS, United States