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“Rescue animals have had a hard enough life already, and deserve only the very best.”



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Company Description

My Buddy’s Marketplace is an online storefront selling premium independent food brands, toys and supplies for dogs and cats.

The company launched in October 2017 with a mission to support rescue animals by selling the very best foods and supplies for them. To do so, My Buddy’s Marketplace donates a minimum of 6% of sales to animal rescue organizations. The company notes all its products are recommended by veterinarians and pet experts for health, quality, and low recall rates.

My Buddy’s Marketplace started out in 2015 as a cloud-based management software business, donating that software to rescue organizations to help them provide better care for animals. The software connects to an app for new rescue parents to immediately download critical health, personality, and safety information on their pet as soon as they adopt.

Price Range

Most <$100


Sean Downey




Pasadena, CA, United States