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Company Description

NaturaBrasil is a beauty products company.

Natura’s focus on responsibility led it to become the first publicly traded company certified as a Benefit Corporation. The company has initiatives to support public education and the preservation of Brazilian music. All of Natura’s plastic bottles, jars, and tubes are made of either 100% post-consumer recycled material or green plastic produced from sugarcane. Through offsets, the company has been carbon-neutral since 2007. Natura collaborates with 33 local communities in the Amazon to harvest ingredients. Since 2011, they have used these connections to fight deforestation by promoting sustainable standing forest ecologies and economies.

In 2015, Natura, which also owns The Body Shop and Aesop Beauty, was awarded the UN Champion of the Earth Prize for entrepreneurial vision.

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$10 - 50


Luiz Seabra




Sao Paulo, Brazil