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Nature’s Path

"Through sustainable practices our precious planet can sustain life indefinitely."

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Company Description

Nature’s Path is a breakfast and snack food company.

As the purveyor of the first USDA Certified Organic cereals in the U.S. and North America’s largest breakfast and snack food company today, Nature’s Path was a pioneer in the organic market. Their products are also non-GMO, all three of their production facilities are zero waste and they’ve pledged to become climate neutral by 2020. Nature’s Path has an annual minimum commitment to donate $2 million worth of food to people in need, and holds yearly “foodraisers” in their employees’ communities.

A family-owned business, Nature’s Path is passionate about protecting the planet and leaving it better than we found it, and takes strides to educate the public on the importance of sustainable growing practices. Co-founder Ratana Stephens has been named one of Canada’s top ten female entrepreneurs, while fellow founder Arran Stephens is noted for having opened the first vegetarian restaurant in Canada along with the founding the first organic cereal manufacturing facility.

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Richmond, BC, Canada