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New Society Publishers

Tools for a World of Change

newsociety.com Certified B-Corporation
A few books from New Society Publishers A few books from New Society Publishers


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Company Description

New Society Publishers is an activist book publisher.

In 2001, New Society became the first Canadian publisher to print entirely on post-consumer recycled paper. They were also the first North American publishing house to be carbon neutral. With deep roots in American and Canadian environmental and social activism, they are committed to conducting business by those values. The company, which was restructured in 2015 as a partial employee trust, makes frequent donations to local conservation initiatives provides their employees with two hours per week of paid time to spend volunteering. They took the official step of B-Corp certification in 2016 and have an impressive 2019 B Impact score of 107.8.

New Society Publishers began in the late 1970’s as two separate non profit publishers in the United States and Canada, which together incorporated as a business in 1996.

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Judith and Chris Plant




Gabriola Island, BC, Canada