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Newman’s Own

"Nourish the common good."

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    Companies that donate funds or products to benefit important causes and people in need.

Company Description

Newman’s Own sells a selection of pantry items, beverages, and pet food.

The Newman’s Own motto is “Let’s give it all away to those who need it,” reflected in the fact that 100% of their profits go to charity. During his time as sole owner, Paul Newman donated hundreds of millions to thousands of charities — today, the Newman’s Own Foundation carries on his work. Funded entirely by the profits from the company’s food sales, the Foundation has donated over $530 million to thousands of organizations around the world in the 35+ years since the company’s launch. Full details, tax returns, and more information on the Foundation is available online.

When Paul founded the company in 1982, he built it around two guiding principles: the aforementioned “100% of profits will go to charity,” and that quality should always trump the bottom line. Believing he’d lived a lucky life, he was inspired to share that good fortune with the rest of the world. He created the Newman’s Own Foundation to continue that legacy — and to help remind people that each of us, through the power of philanthropy, has the potential to make a difference.

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