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"One Love. One Ocean. One Chance to Make Things Right."

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Company Description

Norton Point sells a line of polarized sunglasses.

Norton Point was founded with one goal in mind: to clean up the plastic in our oceans. To do that, they developed a line of eyewear made from recovered, high-density-polyethylene (HDPE) ocean plastic. HDPE is a consumer plastic used in millions of products around the world; in other words, one of the most common types of plastic to end up as trash. They worked with manufacturers to keep the HDPE out of landfills and repurpose it into high-end sunglasses. For every pair of glasses purchased, Norton has pledged to remove one pound of plastic from the ocean — currently their efforts are focused on Haiti’s coastlines. Plus, they reinvest 5% of their net profits into global clean-up efforts, education, and remediation practices.

Launched in 2015, Norton Point is based out of Martha’s Vineyard, MA. The founders, Ryan Schoenike and Rob Ianelli, were inspired to start the company when they realized how much of a problem plastic really is — if the problem continues, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish; 95% of plastic is just used once; and what we throw out every year is worth over $80 billion. They decided to become a part of the solution, and partner with various non-profits, mission-focused companies, and NGOs around the world committed to protecting our seas.

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Ryan Schoenike and Rob Ianelli




Martha's Vineyard, MA, United States