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Ocean’s Halo

"Swim against the tide. Eat seaweed."

Ocean's Halo products Ocean's Halo products


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Company Description

Ocean’s Halo produces seaweed-based snacks, broths, sauces, and sushi nori.

Ocean’s Halo donates two percent of its profits to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Children’s Education Fund, providing school children with the opportunity to develop a deep appreciation for ocean conservation. The company notes that seaweed is a sustainable ingredient, as it “requires no fresh water, no deforestation, and no fertilizer” to grow. Ocean’s Halo has also invested in ensuring its packaging is compostable wherever possible, including using bio-based caps for its broths.

Ocean’s Halo got its start when four dads teamed up to create a snack as delicious as a potato chip, but as healthy and protein-rich as seaweed. They created their first seaweed chip, and from there, the company was off and running, expanding their product line in 2017 to include broths, and again in 2018 to include sauces. The company tracks its products from the protected farm it uses off the coast of South Korea, to its processing facility (the first to process seaweed in the U.S.), and, finally, to customers’ tables. Ocean’s Halo products are available on their site and in grocery stores including Whole Foods, Walmart, Safeway, and on Amazon.

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Mike Shim, Robert Mock, Shine Rhee, and Michael Buckley




Burlingame, CA, United States