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Ona Goods

"Grain-free harmonious foods."

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Company Description

Ona Goods makes paleo and gluten-free bars and cookies.

Their mission is to make it easy to nourish our bodies to feel healthier, happier, and more vibrant. All of their products are non-GMO and free of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Ona’s Allergen Control Program ensures that on every level — from ingredients and storage to processing, training, and product development — their products are free of soy, milk, wheat, eggs, fish, and shellfish. Ona Goods also donates either $.01 for every bar or cookie sold or $5,000 annually, whichever amount is greater. The donations go to the Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit that supports bee conservation — specifically, to their Bee Friendly Farming Program (BFF). BFF requires farmers to undergo a certification process in order to provide pollinators with exceptional habitats.

Ona Goods is proud to collaborate with Pollinator Partnerships, in part because their efforts to protect bees directly impact the quality of the honey those bees make — and as the sole sweetener they use, honey is a key ingredient in their products. All of their snacks are hand-crafted in Madison, WI, and they include detailed ingredient lists on their website. For Chris and his wife Anna, Ona Foods represents a state of mind. They believe our food choices reflect the level of awareness we bring to our lives, and choosing to nourish our bodies with real and harmonious foods brings us more in balance with our community and our planet.

Price Range

$25-28 (per box)


Chris and Anna Feuille




Madison, WI, United States