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"Wear the change."

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Company Description

Osom makes socks and other textiles.

As a member of 1% For The Planet, Osom has committed to donate at least 1% of their revenue each year to non-profit organizations devoted to protecting the planet. Osom has developed their own process they call Osomtex that allows them to repurpose discarded garments into yarn and fabric with zero water use, no dyes, and no harsh chemicals. This upcycled fabric makes up up to 95% of their socks, and they also supply textiles to other companies.

Their goal is to shift the textile industry from a linear model to a circular one. Currently, textiles are the second-most polluting industry. 99% of textiles are recyclable, but Americans alone discard nearly 25 billion pounds of clothing per year, donating or recycling only 15% of discarded items.

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Hillsboro, OR, United States