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"Sustainability is the destination. Outerknown is the Journey."

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Company Description

Outerknown is a sustainable menswear brand, selling what it bills as understated clothing ranging from pants and shorts to swim- and winter-wear.

Built on a mission to respect the world around us, the company aims to help customers understand “what are we wearing, and where is it coming from?” To do it, the company publishes its code of conduct – to which it adheres, and requires its suppliers to follow as well – on its website, alongside a full list (including names, locations, and descriptions) of its factories. Outerknown also publishes its sustainability framework, which outlines goals for helping people and planet and the metrics the company uses to achieve them, on its website.

Eleven-time World Surve League Champion Kelly Slater and designer John Moore were inspired to build Outerknown after seeing first-hand the harsh impact the apparel industry can have on the environment. The company has continued to grow its collection of goods since its founding, most recently joining the sustainable jeans movement in 2018. The company makes its jeans from sustainable cotton in a sustainability-minded factory, pledges to repair or replace any pair of jeans it makes, and will upcycle old pairs when it comes time for them to be retired.

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Culver City, CA, United States