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Pacific Foods

"Nourish Every Body."

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Company Description

Pacific Foods produces a line of natural and organic foods, and are especially known for their soups and broths.

The Pacific Foods mission is to nourish every body and combat food waste and food insecurity. Deeply committed to sustainable practices, they recycle or repurpose 80% of their waste, use 100% of their food scraps as animal feed or compost, and have funded 50 energy projects in the last decade that conserve over 6 million kilowatts of electricity annually. In 1997 they created the Certified to the Source (CTS) program, which they use to verify the origin of every one of their ingredients. In partnership with Concordia University, they create and donate protein-rich food boxes to their local community in Portland, OR, where 81% of the students experience food insecurity. These boxes help provide the students and their families food outside of school; Pacific Foods is committed to donating 100k meals a year.

They’re deeply committed to sourcing locally — in 2000, when there was a shortage of organic milk one of the founders, Chuck Eggert, decided to solve the problem by buying his own dairy farm and converting it to organic. Chuck went on to raise organic chickens for Pacific’s broths, helping to bring egg hatcheries back to Oregon and support the local farmers. Pacific Foods also works closely with local farmers to turn surplus crops into soups, donating their own packaging and production time to prevent waste, and then giving those soups to the Oregon Food Bank.

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Taulatin, OR, United States