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“Our dream is to see our women artisans smile.”

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Company Description

Pimalpaka sells handmade textiles and accessories made in Peru, with purpose of creating jobs for women in the rural coast, highlands and jungles of Peru.

The company’s range of rustic, traditionally-inspired urban goods are 100% handmade—from the dyeing to the weaving to the embroidery—and use natural materials like wool and alpaca. Pimalpaka trains female artisans in small communities to prepare and encourage them to start their own sustainable textile businesses, with Pimalpaka as their main client. The company conducts periodic nutrition and health checks on these women’s children, and provides guidance on how to help them stay healthy and in school, in addition to providing training for home improvements, such as water filtration, solar equipment and other useful tool installments.

Pimalpaka is a proud member of The World Fair Trade Organization and is a Certified B Corporation. Products are sold in more than 13 countries around the world under the brand name Karin de la Sierra.

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